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What is Escape Reality VR?

Escape Reality VR is Glasgow’s newest virtual reality gaming centre. Be the first to experience the latest and greatest VR games with our state-of-the-art, fully wireless, HTC Vive systems in our large, private portals. We have over 30 of the latest VR titles and games.

Who is it suitable for?

Escape Reality VR is suitable for any one over the age of 12 with any level of experience. It’s suitable for families, friends, experienced gamers and first timers. You don’t have to be a fan of gaming to enjoy VR!

When should I arrive?

The whole experience will take approximately 75 minutes from start to end. Please arrive at your scheduled time so that your Game Master can provide a 15-minute briefing. You will then have a full hour of play time for you and your team, followed by a post-game debrief at our exclusive bar.

How difficult is it?

Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced gamer, an adult or a child, we can tailor the experience to suit you! The Game Master can set various difficulty levels during the games, so your team doesn’t have to all be playing at the same difficulty level.

Will I feel sick/dizzy?

All our games are tested by our Game Masters before we offer them at Escape Reality VR. We have also tailored our experience to minimise the chance of experiencing motion sickness. However, a very small number of people may feel slightly nauseous during game play. This usually passes after a small break from the headset or some fresh air!

Is it scary?

It depends what you play! Whether you want to be scared or don’t want to be scared, just let your Game Master know. Each experience can be tailored to the team’s interest and you won’t be made to play any genre of game that you don’t want to play.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

We recommend a team of between 2-4 players, as this is optimum to ensure your team has the best experience possible and that you’re not going to walk into the wall/other players inside the virtual reality portals. The less players you have, the more time each person will have on the headset. Even though only one person has the headset on at a time, you will all be immersed in the game and fun together! Every VR set up is accompanied by a large 55 inch TV screen so that everyone can be a part of the experience. However, if your group size is larger than this, please give us a call or email and we can try and accommodate you.

I wear prescription glasses. Can I still play?

We recommend wearing contact lenses or playing without glasses, if possible. However, the HTC Vive head-set is adjustable to allow space for glasses and has a focus knob so that the focus can be set individually to the player.

What hardware are you using?

State-of-the-art Alienware, Nvidia RTX 2080, and HTC Vive equipment

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Escape Reality VR Glasgow is fully accessible to wheelchair users. The virtual reality portals are located on the first floor and there is a customer elevator on site. Most VR experiences require movement of the head, neck and at least one hand to interact with the virtual environment fully.